Succulent Terrarium Planter Kit

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This blend is specially formulated for “closed” terrarium use. After you have assembled your terrarium and layered your ingredients, you can then plant your plants into the mix. Once the plants are where you want them, very lightly water. Close it up and watch the biosphere swing into action. Create your own “live” fairy garden. You can also add decor - such as marble, larger rocks, shells, faux mushrooms, etc.

TIPS: For closed-top terrariums, plants should be compact, humidity-loving and low-light compatible. Good choices are mosses and ferns, as well as orchids, bromeliads and many other easy-to-find houseplants. Avoid plants that prefer bright light and low humidity as in avoid cactuses, succulents and most herbs (mints are okay) — these types of plants work well in an open-top terrarium.

The five ingredients for your kit are:
Red lava rock
Dried long fiber sphagnum moss
Soilless potting mix with peat moss, perlite and lime