Swimming Pool Ladder Weights (Case of 50)

Fillable Anchors for Your Pool Steps
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Removable pool ladders are convenient, especially for an above ground pool, but with no way to anchor the ladder, it can feel unsafe and wobbly. Our two-pack of pool ladder weights can help you out. Just fill with sand or pea gravel. Then place or hang under your steps.
These are a lot less messy than using concrete blocks or sand bags. And they are less likely to build up algae; and easy to clean off.
For shelf-style steps, you will just place these in the back of the bottom step. For open plan steps, you can put a PVC pipe across tohang these.


Size [when filled] -- 9 inch by 9 inch by 13 inch + handle 2 inches. Use two for a 26 inch step or 3 for a 3-foot step.
Container mouth size -- 1 1/8 inch
Material -- LDPE container (#4 recycling), PP lid (#5 recycling); LDPE and PP are both strong and chemical resistant
Color -- natural, semi-transparent

Filling tip: To fill, cut a tiny corner in a filled bag of sand to fill mouth of container. You may also compare filled size to your step space and adjust the shape as you fill accordingly. You will need approximately 30 pounds of sand per container. Sand is often sold in 50-pound bags, so you will need two bags to have enough to fill both containers.
Tips: When lifting these when filled; support the bottom with your other hand. These will be quite heavy when filled. Please test for optimum fill before filling completely. This may be a two-person job for best safety. Not saying you have to wear scuba gear or anything. It is easier to install these in the spring before you add water.
Care Instructions

Hand Wash


15.000 x 18.000 x 24.000


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