Tasmanian Tiger Plush (Case of 36)

Large Prehistoric Tasmanian Wolf Stuffed Animal Toy
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By Attatoy

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Learn more about animals of Australia, species extinction, and unusual prehistoric animals with your own lovable Tasmanian tiger plush toy. This marsupial was originally native to Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmanian, but the last one died in 1936.

Size: 20 inches long nose to tail, body approx. 14 inches long; height around 9 inches, width 4.25 inches
Weight: 10.2 oz. (290 grams)
Color: Shades of brown, cream, with black stripes Material: 100% polyester, all new material
Recommended for ages 3 & up

23.000 x 20.000 x 23.000


27 lb

SKU: 36X_SH_2391_CASE