Terrarium Potting Soil Mix

w/ Blended Filtering Charcoal Custom Made for Terrariums
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At Soil Sunrise, we hand-blend each soil mixture to ensure you get quality every single time. This blend is a mixture of coco coir, pumice, peat moss, and horticultural charcoal. This is a great blend for growing ferns, African violets, and other popular terrarium or fairy garden plants. With these ingredients, you get great drainage, nutrient retention, water retention, and harbor healthy b@cteria to break down toxins.

TIP: For closed-top terrariums, plants should be compact, humidity-loving and low-light compatible. Good choices are mosses and ferns, as well as orchids, bromeliads and many other easy-to-find houseplants. Avoid plants that prefer bright light and low humidity such as cactuses, succulents and most herbs [though mint is okay] — this 2nd group of plants work well in an open-top terrarium. Our soil mix will work with either type of terrarium.
INGREDIENTS: coconut coir, pumice, peat moss, and horticultural charcoal.
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.