Tiered Tray Signs for Home (Case of 56 Sets)

Your Happy Place Little Signs
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Mix and match our 3 tiny signs for rustic tiered tray accents, wreath accessories, shelf decor, or wall decor. These are perfect for kitchen, bathroom, entryway or living room.

Size: Each sign is 4 x 4 x 1/2 inch thick with frame
Frame edge width 0.6 inch
Picture is free-standing "box" style with 0.5 inch diameter, optional hanging string attached for wall or door hanging
Color: "Home" with green wreath, navy blue frame, and white background, "welcome to our happy place" with chalkboard theme and beige frame, and "love lives here" with embroidery weave background, black lettering, and white frame
Material: MDF and wood

11.000 x 16.000 x 15.000


17 lb

SKU: 56X_SH_1866_CASE