My First Cthulhu Plush Baby Cthulhu

Stuffed Horror Toy Based on H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu
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In his house at R'lyeh, adorable Cthulhu waits dreaming...of his next cuddle partner! Bring the eldritch terror of the Great Old Ones to your home with My First Cthulhu. We know how difficult it is to get a child, in all of their innocence, to worship the malevolent beast that is Cthulhu, so we made a cute, soft, and cuddly version to help ease your child into the dread cult. Your child will have hours of fun playing with Cthulhu. They'll laugh, they'll cuddle, they may disappear into a vortex of non-Euclidean geometry. One thing we do know: your little star-spawn will love this plush!
*Toy Vault not responsible for the summoning of eldritch deities or vortexes into the netherrealms.

From the Manufacturer:
Cthulhu just loves children and their innocent souls, and since his appearance can be off-putting to new worshipers, we've made the soft and huggable "My First Cthulhu" showing the Embodiment of Malevolence when he was just a star-spawn.

My First Cthulhu is made from soft, baby-friendly fabrics, is safety-checked and is great for older worshipers too.

Size: 11 inches by 12 inches (wingtip to wingtip) and 16.5 inches around the widest point. (27.94cm x 30.48cm and 41.91cm)
Weight: 4.4oz (124.74g)
Material: 100% Polyester.
Color: Slime green with darker green accents. Eyes are pink. Spine is white.
Care Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap


8.000 x 3.000 x 10.000


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