Umbrella Planter for Patio Table with Umbrella Hole

Enamelware Half-Circle Planter Pots
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This planter pot set includes two half-planters that fit around your patio umbrella stand. There are also drain holes on the bottom for the water to run through the pot. We added little feet to protect your table from scratches and allow air circulation. It is very durable, made of enamel-coated steel to withstand weather conditions. It can be used for planting and growing flowers or succulent plants or even faux plants for outdoor table decor. It fits around the pole of standard size patio umbrella stands.

Total Size–11.75 inches diameter x 5 inches tall (30 x 12.7 centimeters)
2-Compartment Planter–Each half circle makes a compartment
Weight–2.15 lb (1 lb each half), (total 1 kg)
Color–Choice of black, white or greige
Shape: Choice of square or round
Drainage: Designed with natural drainage, but the drain holes come with an optional rubber plug
Assembly: includes two small metal clips to hold two halves together after putting around patio table pole
Capacity: Each half-planter will need about 4 quarts of potting soil or filler (total 8 quarts needed - we recommend Soil Sunrise potting soil mixes)
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