Wheatgrass Sprouting Potting Mix (4 Quarts)

Coco Coir Soilless Seed Starting Blend
$11.99 USD

This is a soilless growing medium. This wheatgrass sprouting and growing mixture is the type of substrate you will need to properly sprout and grow wheatgrass at home. Wheatgrass growing kits usually contain small hard pucks of coco coir that need to be rehydrated and fluffed before use. Our wheatgrass growing mixture is produced using the same raw material, but it requires no process before use, simply use right out of the bag. Pure coconut coir - no added fertilizers.

TIPS: Keep seedlings in a bright location for greenest sprouts but avoid burning hot midday rays of sun.

INGREDIENTS: Loose coconut coir (sometimes referred to as coco peat)
Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.


3.500 x 12.000 x 10.000


1.4 lb