White Wooden Wedding Reception Signs (Case of 10 Sets)

Guests, Gifts, and Memorial
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By Darware

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This versatile set of signs provides both rustic charm and elegance for use at weddings, bridal showers, anniversary parties and more. This includes a sign for your gift table, your guest book table, and a memorial sign for those who are missing from your event but still in your hearts. Use these at multiple events and functions. And of course, a set of these is essential for any event planner.


Sign size: each 1/2 inch thick; Guestbook -12 wide by 5.5 inch high; Cards/Gifts - 11 wide by 7 inches high; In Loving Memory - 10 wide by 14 inches tall
Individual signs' weight: remembrance 18 ounces, cards/gifts 10 ounces, guest book 10 ounces
Material: fir wood planks
Color: whitewash with cool undertones, gray printed script
Display options: back has fold out stand and sawtooth hanger, use for freestanding tabletop or wall display

13.000 x 16.000 x 22.000


31 lb

SKU: 10X_SH_1925_CASE