Winter Squirrel Nesting Box

Handcrafted Wood Winter Outdoor Shelter
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Nestled in the heart of Kentucky craftsmanship, this pine and poplar wood squirrel nesting box is a little haven for your backyard friends. With a design as natural as the rolling hills of the Bluegrass State, it offers a cozy retreat for squirrels to call their own.

Handmade with care, this sturdy abode features a snug entrance just right for squirrels but keeps the bigger critters out. It's a rustic touch of country charm that provides a safe spot for furry families to flourish right in your own slice of the great outdoors.


Exterior size: 13.5 in. long x 7.25 in. deep x 10.75 in. tall (34 x 18.4 x 27.3 cm.)
Entrance hole size: 3 inches diameter (7.6 cm.)
Interior dimensions: 11.4 in long x 8.5 in wide x 6.4 in high (29 in x 21.6 in x 16.26 cm)
Material: Pine and poplar wood
Made in Kentucky
Care Instructions

Clean at end of season


12.000 x 8.000 x 14.000


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