Round Decorative Wood Baskets (Set of 3)

Colored Round Fruit & Gift Baskets for Home Decor, Holiday and More
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These beautiful wooden woven baskets come in a set of three. One of each color - gray blue, gray, and white. These are perfect for use as a centerpiece on receiving tables, coffee tables or dinner tables. Fill with faux fruit or flowers and place on the mantel or shelving. Use for apple picking or as a gift basket. Can also be used for Easter, Halloween, or just everyday rustic farmhouse style decor. These round baskets are beautiful, eye-catching, and sturdy. Check out AuldHome Design for all of your rustic, farmhouse style decor needs.

Size: 9.9 x 3.4 inches (25 x 8.6 centimeters)
Weight: Each 6.2 ounces (0.4 lb)
Color: Blue, Gray, & White
Material: Wood

10.250 x 7.880 x 10.380


1.59 lb

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