Chinese Young Hyson Loose Leaf Green Tea (8oz Bulk Bag)

Lucky Dragon Tea
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Enjoy some tea and history with this classic green tea that "attended" the Boston Tea Party. Also known as "Lucky Dragon Tea", the early harvest or "young" Hyson is considered the highest grade of this tea. Oh, and if you want some tea and poetry, enjoy your Hyson while reading Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Xenophanes" which mentions hyson in the first stanza.
Serve either hot or cold. Best enjoyed without milk for its full natural flavor.
Steep in water that is cooler than boiling. Use one teaspoon tea leaves per cup. Brew 2-3 minutes.

About Solstice Tea Traders:
We are a small company based in southern Kentucky. We work with some of the oldest tea importers in the world to provide you some of the best loved teas of all time. Our tea is sourced from popular tea growing regions of the world and packaged here in the U.S.A. We specialize in tea samplers so you can try many kinds of tea. We also enjoy providing special tea blends for kombucha lovers. In addition to tea, we sell our favorite tea accessories.

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