Mini Hexagon Glass Jars (1.5oz, 48-Pack)

For Spices, Gifts, Party Favors, DIY and More
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Made of high quality and thick glass, our hexagon jars are incredibly useful for multiple applications including:

Twist lug-style jars for food packaging
Gold cap jars for wedding favors
Tiny jars for spices
Little jars for honey, jelly and jam
Containers for samples, trial sizes, homemade treats & DIY crafts
Hexagon glass jars can meet any application for a small glass jar, including canning projects that require an airtight food safe seal (hot fill applications).

DISCLAIMER: Again, size refers to volume 1.5 fluid ounces and not weight. Capacity is 3 tablespoons. If you have herbs, they are light but bulky. If you have ground spices, they are heavier but still bulkier than water.
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9.000 x 5.500 x 12.000


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